About PFCS

Opportunities To Grow, Heal & Recover


Putnam Family and Community Services (PFCS) is a private, not-for-profit agency dedicated to providing behavioral health services, including mental, social/emotional and substance use disorder treatment services to people in need throughout the Lower Hudson Valley, NY and neighboring Connecticut. Our goal is to make our services affordable and accessible to anyone who seeks to live a satisfying and productive life through recovery, healing and growth.


PFCS serves people of all ages through the use of state of the art, innovative treatment methods. Our focus is on the whole person, considering all aspects of health…social, emotional and mental, as well as physical...in order to provide an integrated and individualized treatment plan. People who may be depressed…anxious…trauma survivors…addicted to drugs or alcohol… family members of substance users…children of divorce…struggling with ADHD or other cognitive challenges…or who have a combination of medical, mental health, emotional, social or substance use issues…can all benefit from our services.


At PFCS, we ascribe to a recovery oriented philosophy which always puts our clients – their needs, hopes and goals for recovery – first and foremost in the development of treatment plans. We work in partnership with them to realize their strengths and achieve their goals. We embrace the belief that growth, change and responsiveness are key components for a quality driven mental health and substance use disorder treatment agency.


We know and believe that everyone has the potential to realize their dreams and be productive members of society.


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