Care Management/Health Home Services

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Care Management/Health Home Services assist children and adults in obtaining, maintaining, and coordinating needed services and supports in order to live successfully in the community. People receiving these services work together with staff to identify goals and create a plan of action to address their specific needs.   Care Managers offer support to assist clients in reaching their goals and provide referrals to local resources, advocacy, monitoring, assessment, building an atmosphere of hope.


From adults with serious mental illness to seniors struggling with the emotional issues due to the distinct challenges encountered later in life, PFCS Care Managers are here to lend the support needed to live successfully and independently in the community. Through in-office consultation, work in community centers and home visits, our qualified professionals work closely with our clients to make sure that the services and support they need to achieve their goals are available to them.


For more information:

  • Call PFCS at 845-225-2700 X220 for Adult and Senior Care Managaement Services
  • Call PFCS at 845-225-2700 X 235 for Childrens Care Management Services


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