Community Based Services


PFCS Community Based Services is focused on providing assistance to children, parents and adults of all ages who need help navigating life within the community and creating a solid and fulfilling environment for themselves and/or their children. On site and in home services are provided to help build parenting skills and empower strong families, provide early identification of social/emotional issues and locate resources to manage care required to lead a strong and productive life. Whether you are a parent struggling to create a stable home life and future for your children, an adult needing assistance to identify and manage the services you require to live successfully in your community or a senior struggling with the challenges of aging, Community Based Services may be able to help.

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Find out more about the issues that you or a loved one are facing. These informative articles can provide you with some valuable insights...or contact PFCS for more in depth help.

Resources for Children, Families, and Parenting