Mission Statement


Our Mission is to partner with individuals, families and the community to foster hope, wellness and recovery, and to restore quality of life by addressing mental health needs, substance use, and social and emotional issues.




Through our work, we at PFCS endeavor to create and support opportunities for healing through hope, wellness and recovery. Our broad range of services has a common foundation, which includes the following values that guide us:

  • We foster hope
  • We know recovery is possible; people with mental health and substance use issues don't have to be limited by their diagnosis.
  • We believe that recovery is a highly individualized process, and we focus on helping each person realize their strengths and dreams.
  • We are passionate, doing everything in our power to help people improve their lives and to better our community


Our Vision


PFCS understands that each individual has a unique story and deserves a unique approach to treatment and prevention. While we strive to help people reduce their symptoms, we know that learning to manage symptoms is crucial to helping people lead the most fulfilling life possible as they define it. We are dedicated to using proven and cutting-edge methods to help every person cultivate strengths and work towards individual goals, while raising awareness and educating the community about mental health and substance use issues. When we can embrace recovery, there is hope.




Board of Directors

 Salvatore B. Gambino 


 Tracey S. Bernstein, Esq.

Vice Chairperson

 Patricia Madigan


 Geraldine Greene, LCSWR


Stacey Gibson

Assistant Secretary

Kristin M. Burke, Esq.

Carmen J. Carrozza

Luanne Convery

Christopher Dillon
Jeffrey D. Kellogg

Michael P. McDonough
Anthony Mirdita
Jessica Vanacoro

 Suzanne Willis