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PROSper offers a variety of groups to help the individual address their own unique barriers and to help achieve their life goals.


All of the traditional coping skills groups are offered, in addition to groups geared towards people dealing with multiple disorders (mental health and substance use), trauma, relaxation skills, health, independent living and vocational skills. PROSper is not an 'all day every day' program. Individuals come to the groups that they need and choose. 


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 October 3, 2016- February 3, 2017 







10:30 to 11:20

  • Let's Talk CBT!
  •  Commit to Eat & Live Well

11:30 to 12:20 


  • Working Through


12:20 to 12:50



1:00 to 1:50  


  • Freedom from Nicotine
  • Achieving Goals

2:00 to 2:50  

  • Living with Anxiety
  • Eating & Living Well
  • Anger & Acceptance
  • Where Are You Going?

3:00 to 3:50  


  • Relationships
  • Meditation for Acceptance




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