Our Services Summary


Putnam Family and Community Services offers a broad range of services designed to address the mental health needs, substance abuse, and social and emotional issues that affect so many in our community. Our staff - a highly trained team of psychiatrists, masters level clinicians, credentialed alcohol and substance abuse counselors, nurses, care managers, and family and peer advocates - offers affordable and effective care in a welcoming environment for individuals and families experiencing difficulty with ...relationships ...substances ...school ...work ...emotions ...life.


PFCS programs and services are available to support the needs of people of all ages – from children as young as age 2 and their families to adolescents, adults and seniors. From family counseling and parenting training to mental health treatment and care management to substance abuse counseling and preventive education, our portfolio of services is designed to provide an avenue for healing to those who struggle with these issues. At PFCS, our focus is on the whole person, considering all aspects of health…social and emotional and mental, as well as physical…in order to provide an integrated and individualized treatment plan.


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Our Fee Schedule


PFCS services are available on a fee basis. PFCS strives to manage the cost of our services to be sure that they are accessible to those who need them. We participate in many private health insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. As a not-for-profit agency, we also offer our services on a sliding scale* that considers income and life circumstances in determining fees.

*Please note that sliding fees do not apply to co-pays and deductibles.


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PFSC Portfolio of Services


Mental Health Counseling & Treatment
Professional treatment services for mental health, emotional and social issues conducted in individual, family and group settings based on need; providing specialized, targeted support for clients at any age, from children up to seniors.

Alcohol & Substance Use Prevention & Treatment
Addiction treatment through individual and group counseling, including education about substance use and addiction, relapse prevention and community recovery supports; proactive prevention education and outreach services in area schools and throughout our communities.

Community Based Services
Professional and peer based services to assist with coordinating connections to community resources, advocacy and skill development in support of parents, children and individuals seeking to build stronger lives; providing early emotional and social screening for children and parenting classes.

Rehabilitation Services- Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROSper)
PROSper (Personalized Recovery Oriented Services) program providing group and individual counseling for adults with one or more significant mental health; focused on vocational services, education, wellness and life skills development.