Jean's Story

My name is Jean and I have two beautiful children. I have been in recovery and owe most of my sobriety to Putnam Family and Community Services.

Unfortunately, four years ago I ended up getting two DWIs in one month. My life was out of control. This hurt my children and my family in a horrible way. The court made me go for treatment at Putnam Family. This involved me attending individual and group therapy.

During my two years of treatment at Putnam Family, I met some wonderful supportive friends and learned to value myself. The therapists taught me positive coping skills, healthy ways to combat stress, and basically taught me to love myself again. I was introduced to AA and started taking medication for my anxiety instead of self-medicating with alcohol.

Today my life is full of hope and grace. I can hold my head up high and be the woman God intended me to be. I got my license back, my children are doing great in school and are happy, and my family trusts me again. 

I just want to thank everyone at Putnam Family and Community services. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

Jean’s Recovery was supported by PFCS services designed to help her achieve her goals and return to a full and productive life.
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